Dzika Fitness Workout

Saturday – 4 pm

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Please bring your kids, water, towel,  gym  shoes & sport  attire.   It’s better to move TOGETHER!

Dzika Fitness was established in March 2013 in Chicago by Magdalena Huk – Dzika , who created her own style of fitness by mixing all different exercises to the rhythm of popular songs from the radio, making it easy for everyone to join .  In addition to creating moves to specific songs, Dzika is able to improvise live to any song played making her class a very unique fitness experience for kids & adults.  Her positive attitude makes you want to move & change your life for the better. She has been invited to lead her modern fitness classes at many social events, schools, picnics, in parks, on the beach & in Poland as well .  Chicago made Workouts like DXT – Dzika Xtreme Training, Abs Workout  Stretching, DzikaFit & DDT – Dzika Dumbbells Training are on the way to be recognized all over the world.

You can join Dzika & her team training in the dark almost every night at her studio 6900 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago. For more information please visit :  or Facebook: Dzika fitness Ltd. 

Dzika Fitness Hall
6009 w. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago IL 60634
Tel : 773 230 8613