Dixieland Jazz Cats will make their first performance at the Taste of Polonia Festival.  The band will march through the festival grounds at 5:45 pm, then play on stage from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.

→ Dixieland Jazz Cats

→ DATE: Sunday, August 31, 2014
→ TIME: 6 pm
→ STAGE: Krakus Stage →LATE NIGHT

GENRE:  New Orleans Jazz

Dixieland Jazz Cats at Taste of Polonia Festival

Join the march through the festival grounds at 5:45pm and have a little New Orleans style fun!

The Dixieland Jazz Cats bring the spirit of New Orleans, Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras to every performance. The Cats draw from a diverse traditional jazz repertoire and combine Dixieland Jazz favorites with swinging jazz standards to highlight their performances. The band includes some of the Chicago area’s best jazz musicians. Their collective experience is extensive and includes local and national festivals, clubs, parades, corporate and private events, recordings and educational programs. The Dixieland Jazz Cats are Mike Knauf, Clarinet, Sax and Vocals; Art Davis, Trumpet; Russ Phillips, Trombone; Tom Stanfield, Piano and Vocals; Rob Curtis, Banjo and Guitar; Rich Armandi, Tuba and Bass and Paul Ross, Drums.  [source: http://www.mikeknaufmusic.com/dixielandjazzcats.html]


  • Mike Knauf, Clarinet/Sax/Band Leader;
  • Art Davis, Trumpet;
  • Russ Phillips, Trombone;
  • Rob Curtis, Banjo;
  • Rich Armandi, Tuba
  • Paul Ross, Drums/Washboard