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Vendors & Exhibitors 2017 ~ Taste of Polonia Festival

Food Vendors & Menu = CLICK HERE

Information Tent → Next to Entrance Booth Stage

Say Cheese – Free PhotoNext to Tribute Stage

#1 Information Tent – Next to Entrance Booth
#2 Midwest Amber –
#3  Comcast –
#4 Polish Travel & Gifts
#5 Let’s Get Stranded –
#6 Narodowe Siły Zbrojne –
#7  Republican Booth
#8  Tygodnik Program (Polish Weekly) –
#9  Polish Roman Catholic Union of America –
#10  History Exhibit by Mark Sorbi
#11  You Can Be My Angel Foundation –
#12 Sports Outlet Express –
#13  101.9FM The MIX – & 100.3 WSHE FM Chicago –
#15  Ultimate Rate Mortage –
#16  Stanisław Kulawiak (craftsmanship/castings)
#17  Deutsch Family (Luksusowa) –
#18 Polski.FM –
#19 Darkroom Joe’s Photography –
(FREE Taste of Polonia Photo) & Marketing Automation –
#20 Amber Treasures –
#21  O Bag Chicago –
#22  Polish American Chamber of Commerce –
#23  Pod1Dachem –
#24  Krakus Foods –
#25  GoskAnd Sports –
#26   St. Constance School –
#27  Guaranteed Rate –
#28  American Family Insurance –
#29 Sigma Solutions –
#30  Top Quality Hardwood & Flooring –
#31  Vivento Doors –
#32  Midamerica Lenders –
#33  K-Beauty –
#37  Society of St. Adalbert Inc. –
#38  Social Security Administration –
#39  Non-for-profit shared booth
#40  Non-for-profit shared booth
#41  Non-for-profit shared booth

Are you interested in becoming a Vendor or Exhibitor for our annual Festival


Enjoy this Great Festival and Support a Great Cause Too!

This festival is our annual fundraiser to benefit the non-profit work of the Copernicus Foundation, a 501c(3).

The Copernicus Center is supported by the Copernicus Foundation, a non-profit organization serving Chicago since 1979. Supporting Polonia, the Northern and Northwest side communities, and performing arts are the heart of the Foundation’s mission. Find out more on our “About Us” page.

Since 1979, the Copernicus Foundation annually fulfills its mission for education and entertainment in another way, by sponsoring the annual Taste of Polonia Festival on Labor Day weekend. During the festival there is a wide variety of live entertainment, food vendors serving the best of Polish cuisine, over 30 local and international bands playing a variety of genre, performances by ethnic dancers and musical groups, original arts and crafts, handiwork, imported items, as well as exhibits familiarizing festival goers with many aspects of Polish customs, culture, traditions and language, and local organizations. It has grown to be the largest Polish Festival in the country; visited by over 30,000 annually.

The Copernicus Center hosts YEAR ROUND concerts, theatre performances, meetings, and a variety of activities for both public and private events. Our Theater and other venue spaces are available for rent. See our venues at THIS LINK.