Profusion is a great band consisting of young adults attending the ABC Music Academy. Profusion has played at many local events and festivals in Chicago & at the Copernicus Center.  We’re proud to have them in the 2014 line-up.

→ BAND: Profusion

→ DATE: Monday, September 1, 2014 ~ Labor Day

→ TIME:  2 pm

→ STAGE:  Tribute Stage

GENRE:  Pop, Blues, Smooth Jazz


Team Profusion

A great band of five young adults that practice in ABC Music Academy & Recording Studio  in Bartlett and love to play and perform together, since 2012. The band’s music director is Wojciech Kozłowski.

Band Members:
vocal and bass – Caroline BARAN (13 years old),
piano and vocal – Kinga SMUTEK (15 years old)
guitar – Daniel BROZEK (16 years old)
guitar – Josh Freehill (14 years old)
drums and vocal – Pascal PAHL ( 17 years old)

PROFUSION plays all sorts of music styles-contemporary, pop, blues, smooth jazz etc.- which includes covers as well as their own music. The group has played their own concerts as well as opening/support opening concerts for the major artists from Poland like Ania Wyszkoni, Maciej Zakoscielny and WOSP 2013/2014. Last year PROFUSION played for South Polish Fest at Toyota Park (see video below). This year they have already signed a 1,5 hour contract with Taste of Polonia. What’s most important about the group is that fact that PROFUSION in made of young Polish teenagers who play really good music. 🙂

They play many popular songs like:

“Hotel California”
“Show must go on”
“Come together”
“All of me” etc.

and polish songs too:

“Do kołyski” Dżem
“Przeżyj to sam” Lombard
“Szklana pogoda” Lombard
“Harley mój” Dżem
and oryginal songs write by Caroline Baran (vocal in band)
“Don’t give up”
“Take the moment”
“I just want to say”

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