Chicago’s own Sugar High plays only the very best dance and party anthems of all time and will have our festival grounds rockin. Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth? Come join us at the Taste of Polonia festival on Sunday.

→ BAND:  Sugar High

→ DATE: Sunday, August 31, 2014

→ TIME:  8:30 pm

→ STAGE:  Tribute Stage

Genre: Rock | Dance | Pop

Take dSugar High Band Taste of Polonia Festival 2014ozens of the most popular rock and dance hits of the past 40 years… add two dedicated lead singers (one male and one female)… mix in one band that’s as tight as they are powerful…and finally, sprinkle in a healthy dose of good, old-fashioned sugar. Now you are starting to understand the secret recipe for Chicago-area, party/rock band, Sugar High!

Staying true to their class motto, “GET UP! GET DOWN!”, Chicago’s own Sugar High plays only the very best dance and party anthems of all time. Fueled only by sucrose, a passion for playing live music and a never-ending amount of school spirit for their alma mater (Sugar High), this 5-piece band adeptly bounces between current dance floor smashes to timeless classics without missing a beat.

So, what exactly can graduates of Sugar High expect to hear? Hits by Lady Gaga, The Jackson 5, Katy Perry, Prince, AC/DC, Aretha Franklin, Usher, the B-52s, Ke$ha and more! And, while the band’s high-energy live performances may initially attract you to them, their spot-on renditions of these classic dance songs are certainly what you will be talking about the next day!

Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth? Then head back to school and feel the rush that is…Sugar High! 


  • Christa Jasmine -Lead Vox
  • Nicholas Ray -Lead Vox
  • Vic Perrino -Guitar & Lead Vox
  • Will Fedanzo -Bass Guitar & Vox
  • Patrick McFowler -Drums


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