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Art Exhibit ~ Children’s artwork depicting Poland

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We invite you to this special exhibit – This is Poland – which was painted by the students of Imagination Factory PatriciaArt Studio & area Polish schools.  Winning artwork from the December competition “OTO POLAND” will be displayed.  The competition included two age groups and encourage children to show, through their eyes, the joy they see in the country of their roots, how they loved it or what they imagine it to be.

This is Poland artwork will be on display in the Copernicus Center Annex from August 31 thru September 3, 2018 during festival hours.

About Poland …. in a nutshell

Poland has nearly 800 kilometers of coastline, three beautiful mountain ranges, 1000 lakes, many national parks, historic cities, picturesque old villages, the most difficult language in the world and the only desert in Europe. Poland is the homeland of many extraordinary people and hundreds of years of history. 

About Imagination Factory PatriciaArt Studio  

Imagination Factory PatriciaArt Studio was established in 2010 by passionate artist and teacher Patricia Stepniak.  Patricia places a special focus on the youngest budding artists. Her goal is to promote open mindedness among children through art, creative thinking, arousing curiosity about the world around us, by referring to the roots, customs, traditions, and cultural studies. The studio develops art programs for all ages and levels, strongly focused on sisterhood in different disciplines of arts and well fitted in multicultural backgrounds of young artists. Starting with young children, sensory creative games, through basic art classes without age limits to advanced drawing and painting studies, always believing in the power of imagination, unique atmosphere, patience and fun.

 Email:  [email protected]   

Blisko 800 kilometrów linii brzegowej, trzy piękne pasma górskie, kraina 1000 jezior oraz jedyna w Europe pustynia. Parki Narodowe, zabytkowe miasta, malownicze wioski, najtrudniejsze słowa świata oraz 17 sposób na 2.

Ojczyzna wielu niezwykłych ludzi.

Pierogi, upudrowane pączki, zbyt głośny śmiech oraz setki lat historii, mówią głośno, w najbardziej odległych zakątkach świata.

OTO POLSKA  [ YouTube Link ]

Zapraszamy na Wystawę Pokonkursowa

Oto Polska, która odbędzie się podczas Festiwalu Taste of Polonia

w Aneksie Copernicus Center – 31 sierpień – 3 wrzesień 2018

Fabryka Wyobraźni Patricia Art Studio

Proceeds of the Taste of Polonia Festival benefit the nonprofit work of the Copernicus Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Thank You for your support! Learn more about our nonprofit at THIS LINK.

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