Planning has begun for the 2019 Festival. 

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For our 2018 schedule, see below.

2018 Schedule of Live Music & Events

Enjoy LIVE MUSIC on 4 stages, Cultural events, Dancing, Three Exhibits, Casino, Kid’s entertainers, Tastings, & lots more.

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Day Time Event & link for more info Location
Sa, Sn, M  2-10 Casino Inside Center
Every Day Fest Hours EXHIBIT: Polish Past in Chicago 1850-1941 Annex
Every Day Fest Hours EXHIBIT: This is Poland (youth contest winners)   Annex
Every Day Fest Hours EXHIBIT: Poland’s Independence – Celebrating 100 years Inside Center
Every Day 5 pm Luksusowa Vodka Tasting Annex
Friday 5-6pm Ampol Aires Band Tribute Stage
Friday 6.30-8pm Prissillas Band Tribute Stage
Friday 7-8pm Urban Nature –  WTTW Chicago movie series Theater Stage
Friday 6-10pm Playbook Sports Bar Presents →  Dj Davinci   &   Dj Mixx World Music Stage
Friday 8-9.30pm WOMEN OF MAFIA ~ dir. Patryk Vega – Movie in Polish Theater
Friday 8.30-10pm Neverly Brothers Band Tribute Stage
ATTENTION: Rain or shine! Come to Taste of Polonia! All performances will be happening, but they could take place in the theater.

►Big Cyc’s concert will happen inside today.

►The Andrzej Rosiewicz’s show will be moved to tomorrow

►ALL DANCE performances are moved to SUNDAY!

All tickets $5 (all day on Saturday)

Saturday 12 – 1:00 Gen Ki Karate – Karate Demonstrations Kid’s Zone
Saturday 12.30-2pm Take Five Band Tribute Stage
Saturday 1 – 2pm Police Academy – Kid friendly fun w/our police Kid’s Zone
Saturday 1-2pm THE FOURTH PARTITION ~ dir.A.Prawica, R.Muskala – Movie ~ English with Polish subtitles Theater
Saturday 1-3pm School Of Rock Chicago Band World Music Stage
Saturday 2-3pm Sokolowianie Song & Dance Ensemble (from POLAND) – Rain Change – Moved to SUNDAY  Theater
Saturday 2-2:30pm Studio 5 – Music School Kid’s Zone
Saturday 2.30-4pm One Foot In The Groove Band Tribute Stage
Saturday 2:30 – 3:30pm Clowns Bubu & Awee Kid’s Zone
Saturday 3-4pm Lajkonik Song and Dance Ensemble – tba due to rain change Theater
Saturday 3:30 – 4 Musical Theater (S.C. Wyszynski Polish School)  Kid’s Zone
Saturday 3:30-5pm Kaspii & The Crows Band World Music Stage
Saturday 4 – 5pm Dzika Fitness workout to music Kid’s Zone
Saturday 4-4.30pm Polanie Polish Song & Dance Association –  Rain Change – Moved to SUNDAY  Theater
Saturday 4.30-6pm Polonia Ensemble  &  Polanie Dance Assn. (link above) –  Rain Change – Moved to SUNDAY  Theater 
Saturday 4.30-6pm Jailbreak Chicago Band Tribute Stage
Saturday 5:30-7:30pm Andrzej Rosiewicz Band World Music Stage
Saturday 6pm LAST MINUTE ~ dir. Patryk Vega – Movie: Polish w/ English subtitles  Theater
Saturday 6pm Piano Concert: Popular works of Chopin & Paderewski Annex
Saturday 6.30-8pm 28 Days Band Tribute Stage
Saturday 8-9:30pm Big Cyc Band – Polish rock  INSIDE STAGE
Saturday 8.30-10pm Think Floyd USA Band Tribute Stage
Saturday & Sunday Watch for the Winged Hussar strolling in full costume Festival Grounds
Sunday 11am-12pm Sunday Mass Theater
Chopin Choir 
Sunday 12 pm Sokolowianie Song & Dance Ensemble (from POLAND) Theater
Sunday 12–12:15pm You Can Be My Angel Foundation Kid’s Zone
Sunday 12:15-1pm AAC EAGLES CHICAGO Kid’s Zone
Sunday 12.30-1.30 Sokolowianie Song & Dance Ensemble (from POLAND) Theater
Sunday 12.30-2pm D Street Band Tribute Stage
Sunday 12:45-1:30pm Cara – singer – Pop & mixed genre World Music Stage
Sunday 1 pm Polonia Ensemble  &  Polanie Polish Song & Dance Association Theater
Sunday 1 – 2pm Gen Ki Karate – Karate Demonstrations Kid’s Zone
Sunday 2 – 3pm Mary Macaroni Kid’s Zone
Sunday 2-3:30pm School Of Rock Chicago Band World Music Stage
Sunday 2.30-3.30 Alenjandro Rowinsky – Classical Guitarist Theater
Sunday 2.30-4pm Out Of Storage Band Tribute Stage
Sunday 3.30-5.30 Paderewski Symphony Orchestra – SING ALONG Theater
Sunday 3-3:30pm Music Studio By Eliza  Kid’s Zone
Sunday 3:30-4:30pm ABC Dance Academy Kid’s Zone
Sunday 4-5:30pm Dzieci PRL-u Band World Music Stage
Sunday 4:30 pm Andrzej Rosiewicz Band Theater
Sunday 4.30-6pm Lisa Renee Band Tribute Stage
Sunday 4:30 – 5pm Bubbles Activities – Bubblemania Kid’s Zone
Sunday 5pm W SŁUŻBIE OJCZYŹNIE I NAUCE” short episode of the life of Maria Skłodowska-Curie.  (In Polish) Annex
Sunday 5.30PM THE FOURTH PARTITION ~ dir. A. Prawica, R.Muskala – Movie ~ English with Polish subtitles Theater
Sunday 6-7:30pm Czarno Czarni Band  World Music Stage
Sunday 6.30-8pm The Student Body Band Tribute Stage
Sunday 8-9:30pm Lombard Zespół World Music Stage
Sunday 8.30-10pm Gentlemen Of Leisure Band Tribute Stage
Monday 12 – 1 Keith Stras and Polka Confetti Band Tribute Stage
Monday 12 – 1 Gen Ki Karate – Karate Demonstrations Kid’s Zone
Monday 1 – 2 Clowns Bubu & Awee Kid’s Zone
– screening and Q&A with Dawid Andres
Monday 1:30-3pm Beggars Banquet Band Tribute Stage
Monday 2-3:30pm Deleted Society Band World Music Stage
Monday 2 – 2:30 Interclub Academy Of Dance Kid’s Zone
Monday 2:30 – 3:30 Mary Macaroni Kid’s Zone
Monday 2-2.45pm URBAN NATURE ~  WTTW Chicago – Movie series in English Theater
Monday 3pm Singing Contest – Festiwal Polskiej Piosenki Theater
Monday 3:30 – 4:30 Abc Dance Academy Kid’s Zone
Monday 3:30-5pm The Hat Guys Band Tribute Stage
Monday 4-5:30pm Czarno-Czarni Band World Music Stage
Monday 5pm W SŁUŻBIE OJCZYŹNIE I NAUCE” short episode of the life of Maria Skłodowska-Curie.  (In Polish) Annex
Monday 5.45-6.30pm Singing Contest – Awards Ceremony Theater
Monday 5:30-7pm Libido Funk Circus Band Tribute Stage
Monday 5-5.45pm Our Sounds concert – Korzistka, Korzistka, Bochnak Theater
Monday 6-7pm Ewa Farna – Pop rock singer World Music Stage
Monday 6.30- 8pm BOTOKS ~  dir. Patrik Vega – Movie: in Polish  Theater
Monday 7:30-9pm Tributosourus Tribute Stage
Monday 7:30-9pm Big Cyc Band World Music Stage

Printable Schedules will NOT be updated w/ new information AS ABOVE.

Subject to Changes.  Please refer to the schedule ABOVE or our FACEBOOK PAGE for updates.

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