The Wawel folk dancing group joins us at another Taste of Polonia Festival.  Always a joy, these young dancers perform a beautiful repertoire of traditional Polish bridal dances.

Wawel Dance Group

Performing Sunday & Monday 2016

The Wawel Dance Group repertoire includes:  suite of dances from the City of Zywiec, dances of Old Warsaw, bridal dances Wielokopolskich, Highlanders Beskid, Silesian, Krakowiak, Wawel Dragon, and Highlanders Zywiec.  


“Wawel” was founded about seven years ago at the initiative of choreographer Christine Sanakiewicz. In 2008, they took part in the International Festival of Children’s Folklore Groups “Krakowiak” in Cracow, winning first prize.

The dance group has two age group teams:  “Wawel” and “Little Wawel”. Each year the Wawel Dance Group participates in the review of folk groups organized by the PNA, as well as Polish folklore shows at municipal & local celebrations: the Mayor of Chicago, Polish Navy Pier, Taste of Polonia,  Taste of Chicago, and the Harvest Festival organized by the Alliance of Polish Clubs.  Both teams participated in the Review Teams for the Polish Community in Hartford, CT and were guest of Christopher Arsenowicza’s “Children say”.

The teams are choreographed by Justyna Zawadzka and leader Krystyna Sanakiewicz.

Meetings & Practices are held every Wednesday in the same building as the Polish Club at 5835 W. Diversey Ave. in Chicago.

Activities for children’s group starts at 6 pm. Youth Group meets at 7 pm.

All interested dancers and musicians may call for more information: 708-699-4957, 708-699-4957. Come! Check it out! Dance with us!

[much of the above information is from: source]   Czytaj po polsku